1. I work at whataburger and the best thing you can do is get a #2 "double meat" with toasted buns extra grilled onions grilled jalapenos no tomato add mayo with mustard add creamy pepper sauce with double cheese extra whataburger seasoning and you're in heaven!

  2. I'd open up a burger joint called FRB (Food Review Burger), and because of you, and Joey, I'd have you put on a electric sensored wristband, and if you try to take the pickles off, it'll shock you. And if you keep doing it, it'll shock you EVERY time you touch/taste the burger.

  3. First video of yours I've seen (randomly going through YouTube tonight). Just thought I'd inform you of a few things we do at Whataburger.

    All non-LTO burgers come with mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion. Large burgers should have three slices of tomato and four to six pickle chips, based on size. Small burgers should have two tomatos and three to four pickle chips. You can request alterations to this arrangement as you desire.

    We just recently released the new grilled chicken and whatachicken sandwiches, which brought leaf lettuce along as a product we carry. You can request leaf lettuce as a substitute for regular lettuce at most locations now (a few of the smaller markets lack the new chicken at this moment).

    We also just got a new, thicker bacon, which might be of interest to you (as I heard you mention wanting bacon in your video) which is available at all locations.

    If you're a fan of french fries, I'd highly recommend asking for some spicy ketchup. It's something unique to Whataburger, and adds a nice kick without being too hot. Seems like it'd be right up your alley, given the request for Jalapeno.

    In my local market, a double meat Whataburger meal, medium (fries and drink) with cheese, bacon, and jalepeno, would bring you to a total of $11.72. Not sure about the markets you visit (From your listed prices, the cheese there is 20% more expensive, though jalepeno was the same price), so I cannot assure the same price everywhere you visit.

    Let me know if you have any questions for future visits. I can tell you about customer recommendations, current specialty offerings, etc. Though they only apply to my market (West Texas and parts of New Mexico) specifically, some items tend to be more widely available. Root beer shakes tend to have wide availability, while the Green Chile Double isn't available outside of my market because of the company's desire to use the highest-quality Hatch Green Chile from New Mexico, for example.

  4. After 12 yrs in San Francisco, I'm back in Houston and I had to get my Whataburger too. Next time I'll do the grilled jalapenos. Going there again tomorrow 😉

    Have to say, I don't think there's InNOut in Texas, but I think these burgers may be better.

  5. 870 calories for this sandwich is actually not bad considering how heavy that burger is. i use to eat those just to lose weight. i would order 2 of them and split them in half and eat them throughout the day lol

  6. What's a Burger without Pickles ? What's wrong with Pickles ? LOVE those Pickles ! Try Fried Pickles ! Mmmmmmm ! Yummy ! 🙂


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