1. yo guy, do you have a particular brand of buns you prefer? whenever i make burgs the buns always end up being the biggest downfall of them and i can never find good buns at the market

  2. Great video! One thing I noticed though, 6:43 Whataburger operates at more than double the amount of locations than In-N-Out. For some reason everyone believes In-N-Out is bigger when in reality it isn't

  3. What-a-burger! Pronounced in Texan as Whaterburger. I love the place having grown up in Texas,tried in and out in San Antonio and it was pretty good but it's not what-a-burger. Maybe just my taste but that would be my final meal if on death row.

  4. correct me if im wrong, but all these american burgers use the same meat patty (ground beef, lightly salted before grilling). Why dont you season your meat? The only difference between all these burgers is the condiments/cheese/sauce

  5. LOVE me some Whataburger. Definitely my favorite fast food burger. I usually go with the double Whataburger on Texas toast with some grilled jalepenos. So good!

  6. Well, I'll just save the time and buy a #5 with jalapenos and a sweet tea. I'll try In-n-Out when I get the chance. Thanks for the video.

  7. 60 dollars for a piece of stainless steel with a 90 degree bend in it that's expensive that's my opinion in denmark that will be 420 danish kroner that's a lot of money i can get the same piece of steel and bend it my self for about 200 danish kroner ore 28.5 dollars

  8. I'm sure you've already heard it from the Texas crowd but it's pronounced waterburger. I made the mistake once. It's how they know you're not from here. But now hearing what-a-burger makes me cringe lol.


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