1. Brother, I'm not sure that I'm sounding correct while I'm typing my comment … But once I see the video I noticed that you are too young and the way you speak to soo sweet… I'm glad to be a part of your channel .. (Subscribed). I really love food and with one video I became your FAN !! Your so sweet love your Bro!

  2. hello
    this is a nice video. the burger is good in appearance , also the dressing and presentation is good.
    but this petty is good for chaat or tikki not for burger, a burger should be juicy and your petty is filled with all the dry ingredients. My advice, people use eggs or real fat to make a burger juicy since this is a veg burger i will prefer to add cream(amul is my first preference because mother dairy cream is useless) to make it juicy.

    best of luck
    sandeep singh


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