1. I LOVED the look on their faces when they found out it was vegan at the end LOL! XD I try to tell my friends and family that they wouldn't know the difference half the time unless someone told them, but the minute someone hears "vegan" they put a wall up and refuse to even try it.

  2. Point is: if you give meatheads a chance to try good vegan food, they most likely will like it but people are #1 afraid, #2 influenced by friends, #3 concerned if they go vegan they won't get to eat the recipes/foods they love (wrong!), don't want to get healthy, love harming the environment and love hurting animals. It's a sad fact. More vegans should take to the streets with their favorite recipes and give out samples to people along with a list of all the local vegan products you can find at their local stores and websites to vegan food online. This is more effective than protesting which makes vegans look like emotional wrecks to people who have lost touch with feelings and ethics.

  3. I saw this recipe about a year ago. I heard everyone raving about hwr restaurant and said "meh" because I'm hard to wow. So when I went to chloes restaurant I ordered this burger remembering that I saw the recipe here. This is by far the best burger (vegan or non vegan) that I've ever had. I came back just for the recipe so that I can emulate what I ate.


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