1. "Faaaade awayyyy" walks backwards forgetting how to use the zoom function on a $1,000.00 camera God. Damn. Masterpiece. hahaha

  2. is it because of the elk that helps the burger stay in place? Cause normally when marinating a burger like that you'll have to keep the patties in the fridge or they'll fall apart.

  3. One thing we started doing, we buy bulk bacon ends and actually grind that in with the burger. (We grind/process ourselves) So good, and not just for burgers either! We've also mixed in some hi-temp cheese with some, which also turned out pretty good. If you like sweet baby ray's bbq sauce, you guys really should try "Baron's BBQ sauce" out of Bagley, MN. My honest opinion, Baron's is second to none. Give it a try!

  4. I've made these burgers a couple of times. Unfortunately, I don't have any wild game meat.
    It's a great recipe. The burger will fall apart if you flip it more than once. The combination of the ingredients tastes amazing. I did add a little sriracha to mine, gave it just the right amount of heat. I cooked the burgers on a charcoal grill with a few smoke chips.These would probably be great on the camp chef smoke pro. Wish I had one.


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