1. thanks your burgers look delish – I have to eat gluten free – so I use buckwheat – I'm making pancakes with banana for brekkie served with berries in d morning –

  2. I've seen a lot of videos about being a vegan or begin cooking and eating.. watching your videos and listening to you talk. I come out with a lot more sense to what it used to be a vegan. thank you

  3. I think it's sweet how you have subtitles in your videos,.. I am not deaf, but I have a deaf friend, and it's very thoughtful of you. 🙂

  4. Simply put, there is no such thing as a healthy vegan and you will realize this later in life with your disease and cancer problems.

  5. Nutritional Yeast usually has b12 added too it or in it… some people believe NY is similar too msg… some don't. It's bit of a trial and error, if you don't feel good after eating it or if you had it a few times and seem to feel a bit slow then best to avoid it. 🙂 But if you do get it check it has B12, might as well get your b12. 🙂

  6. @healthyvegan
    definitely and thank you for being so patient with me >_< if i remember correctly the tahini dressing has its own video right?

  7. heather this might be out of place but I was wondering how to you managed your meals each day? As a student before i was vegan i barely even much in the day because of how busy i am. how do you recommand i manage myself? considering there is alot of nurtrients i need in a day.

  8. YUM!!! I used this recipe as a base and then gave my own twist to it: I added some finely chopped fried onion and garlic to the mix, used fresh coriander (cilantro) for the herbs, and added about a tsp each of cayenne, cumin and coriander to the mix. We ate them in wholemeal pita bread with a bit of guacamole and more fresh coriander. WOW!!!!

  9. Mmmm looks good! I'll be trying these tonight, and if it's a success I might make a big batch for a party on Saturday. I'm guessing it's okay to make the mixture in advance, refrigerate, and make the burgers later, right? Maybe adding the fresh herbs at the last moment?

  10. Wow those look delicious!!
    Heather this is a bit off topic but I wanted to get your opinion on Raw Agave Nectar and Raw Cacao, I've heard both are bad and shouldn't be used PERIOD. I'm on the fence on what to do? Your opinion please 🙂 Thanks!

  11. OH YUM!!!!! I haven't tried making my own vegan burgers from scratch before. This is GREAT! Thanks so much for posting this! mmm so hungry now 🙂


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