1. Great work. I wanted to research how to make a skirt burger. I should have known Ballistic had me covered. I am going to try this out on my Blackstone griddle. I think my Wok lid should be a sufficient dome.

  2. Great job. I learn a lot watching you.  Gordon Ramsay has a few burger places one in Los Vegas the other I think is in your area called the Fat Cow I believe.  Can you make they're burgers?

  3. love everythingg in yourchannel brother. thanks for good food and joy. the recipes are creative and easy and smooth. The food is very delicious even when I make them. thanks for everything 🙂

  4. I'm fortunate to live in the Sac area and eat at Squeeze Inn. You're burger looks really close. They are really good burgers. The skirt is really good. The burger is, well, a burger but munching on the cheese skirt is like heaven. If you're ever up this way, you should stop by. Great vid.


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