1. I love this recipe. This is the second year I made this burger for the Super Bowl.
    But how do you keep them closed? They always seem to open while cooking.

  2. Going to try these again today..the first time I made them my cheese oozzed out of them…lol But they were still good. Love this Recipe!

  3. Perfect for trying to stay fit Im going to make this but Im going to use romaine lettuce instead of bread and mozzarella cheese :)

  4. Hi Carolyn I love your recipes not to mention the seasonings are also delicious I use them for all my cooking and the lemon pepper is very good I'm so glad I made that purchase with u can't wait to try these turkey spinach burgers looks delicious ?thank you so much..

  5. My husband and I love ? avocado turkey ? burgers from Ruby Tuesday but they are inconsistent.. This is soooooo much better.. Will use the whole grain flat bread instead though.. Awesome work!


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