1. A bomb sexy review my friend! B'B'B Bacon is a beautiful looking burger…I need to have this!  Great review Ian!

  2. Great review IK! Loving the mobile editions of Peep This Out! Keep em' coming bro and stay frosty as ever xD

  3. Wow! Your niece is gorgeous. Forget the burger, lmao. Is your niece part Arabic? She looks middle-eastern.

  4. Not familiar with this place…. But wow I want to be… First review I've seen in awhile the literally has me ready to jump on a plane to get there and try it

  5. Looks great. Never had a burger like that. Will have to try and make one or something because that sandwhich was off the hook! Happy B-Day to the niece!

  6. 👍👍👍 Soooooo delish! Fun night with the fam celebrating Molls bday! Vampire Dip? You know you want some! Peep that Out! 👀

  7. THAT looked AMAZING!!!  Bacon to the 10th power! ~ Great little mobile edition…. Sister showing some love with the french fry feeding frenzy ~ lol And Happy Birthday Molly!!!! 

  8. I can't feel my right arm after watching that. I give it a 5/5 from over here without even tasting it.


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