1. Love your shows! That place looks wonderful. Will probably drop by when i finally get to visit LA. I am obsessed with all american burgers and you can't get them here in Europe, so i have to do them myself!

  2. I love Five Guys Burgers and Fries, but I can see why you guys preferred Slaters 50/50. It looks chargrilled, one huge patty, customize everything about, etc. You all in California get really awesome restaurants over there.

  3. I heard that the Bacon Shake alone is like 1700 That burger must be alot more..LMAO!!! But the 1700 calories may not be from this places Bacon Shake.Im from Canada so I think its the Bacon Shake at Sonic. Not sure but probably they R all the same in

  4. I am so glad. Feel free to post your burger on my FB or G+ page for cooking with jack. I'd love to see your creation. 😀


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