1. I used pre cooked shrimp just to be safe and just bound them with croutons and eggs, i think they had a little too much crumbs cause they came of the grill a little dry

  2. to make a crispy crust gently make ing a patty lay down in a seasoned eggwash dont do anymore seasoing then coat in panko favorit bread crumbs kibbler crackers crushed is good i like adding 1 cap full of coconut extract to my 1 eggwash then crushing get this 2cups maybe 1 of frosted mine wheat cereal

  3. shrimp doent need any binding or additives grid prosse same thing season fry dont flip till you see pink and browning season lightly with garlic salt slather on some tartar or cocktail sauce on a toasted bun tomatoes lettus onion plain mayo and katchup and dill realish is good too

  4. I love your style. You are so funny and talented.. plus, you explain your recipes really well. I tried some of them and you are one of my favorite chefs on Youtube! <3


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