1. '
    ohh love to eat salmon burger…
    put on any flavor sauce or creamy sauce or garlic powder or wasabi sauce…
    also cooked with rice…
    goood tastey

  2. 1:17 What you did is a crime. You can oil and salt the salmon skin, then fry it at high heat (works better if you cut slits in the skin), then flip and cook the other side just like you did. Then you have crispy, bacon-tasting skin that is fantastic.

    I understand not to want to have this in a sandwich, but you still could have cut the skin, fried the crap out of it, then removed and oiled the inside of the skin and salted and fried until crisp and eaten like a really awesome Chicharrón. One can do the same thing with chicken skin. both are greatly aided by paprika.

  3. That's just perfect!  Thanks for this recipe.  Any suggestions for what I could use, other than egg, as a binding agent for the burger?  Even when I make salmon croquettes, I always wonder about that…

  4. I didn't have panko bread crumbs so used regular bread crumbs, and patties got somewhat stickier ;( I guess I should have used panko-bread crumbs,huh?  

  5. This is a great dish as i love Salmon and all the ways you can come up using it in a great fine dish and here as a burger. This is 2 dishes in one as the Salad alone is quite a nice light fresh salad too. I think its just great when you add little touches like "cook the salmon on low heat" and so forth as i've learned more about cooking salmon properly from you over your entire series of videos here and there. Awesome dish, keep inspiring.


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