1. I want to try this, but i just want to make sure about something. Now, because you cooked the salmon in the oven it means that it's good to eat right? because when you cook it on the skillet, the inside doesn't really cook. I'm just asking because i don't want to eat raw fish, unless its sushi.

  2. Hi!! Where can I find the flax seeds from? Thank you!!! You are doing an awesome job! I want to know if you can do more healthy "snack" ideas? Thank you!!

  3. WOW! man that looks amazing im about to make me some of You are a natural. Your food looks and taste amazing! Keep up the great work.

  4. hey! just seeing this comment. i actually eat both of those raw, especially the sprouts. check out the stack salad i posted here on YT – it has microgreens. you can just toss them on both hot and cold food items. ive even seen microgreens tossed on pizza! so, be creative. ;)


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