1. my favourite has to be a sea bass or a trout filet burger, basically sear it and throw it in between two grilled buns with dressing and vege of choice, simple and quick

  2. Hello there! Amazing channel and recipes! Lots of love from Kazakhstan!
    I have a question that's a bit off topic but where did you buy your grilling "pan"? I've never seen anything like this for the stove.

  3. Guys there is a winner!! Congratulations Florence Chen, with your fish burger you win a copy of my new Cooking with Tinned Fish book!! Please send an e-mail with your address to and and we will send it to you! Thanks to everyone else for sharing your great fish recipes!

  4. Hoi Bart ik ben 12 en super fan van koken enzo ik heb ook voor kerst alleen kook boeken en spullen gevraagd zou ik dat boek mogen Winnen suc6

  5. Bart!  It's confirmed that this is delicious!  Question: Where can I find that awesome half-griddle/half-flat pan that you use?  I'd love to get one!


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