1. You do know you can eat the salmon bone and skin in tinned salmon, it's actually delicious and because of the way it's been cooked, the bone is edible and will not stick in your throat, it has a sort of crumbly texture, you don't really taste in when you eat it all mashed together. Also- you can buy tinned salmon without the bones/skin if you don't want them.

  2. "Not that waaay you idiot!" That's absolutely my favourite part of the video 😉 it's just hilarious

  3. Hay guys form sorted I noticed that you all got over one million subscribers on YouTube congratulations on that amazing achievement. You guys are awesome and cook awesome food. Woo 🙂 😀

  4. I will definitely try this burger as I love salmon and bagels, and even horseradish. Before your recipe, my absolute favourite sauce for salmon was creme fraiche with wasabi and salt to taste. Dead easy but so delicious. 

  5. quick question: is a "glug" one of those foreign measurements from the magical land of England or is it just something Ben says because he really doesn't know how much oil hes putting in the pan he just know s its a gulg


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