1. My favorite part of your videos (aside from your valued opinion of what our nation's fast food chains are unleashing upon our colons) is that nonsensical clicking sound you make with your mouth when you sign off… and you didn't do it this time. Sad.

  2. Awesome remake! I'll leave the crab off mine. Everytime i hear the word "Sake" I think of the movie The Last Samurai lol. When he just keeps yelling SAKE!!! I love that movie. You guys rock! Thank you!

  3. You guys are the cutest! Definitely, your burger every time. Yum yum sauce is fantastic on just about everything..LoL. 👏😸

  4. The slider bun works best because it keeps the noodles from just being a mess of chewy dreck. All in all, looks like you did a good job.

  5. Great video Whitfield's! I always like when you do cooking videos and show the process. Glad to see you grilled the burgers on the charcoal grill outside for a nice touch. Sesame is a very strong flavor and a little bit definitely goes a long way.


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