1. im not putting a bunch of shit in the burger thats meat loaf damn shots fired at ramsey right there he loads the fuck out of it haha xD

  2. Can I use the salt from my tears? Because I cry when I smell meat cooking. Poor cow, it could've had a future you know! Like maybe a job working for Chik Fil A in their commercials and marketing department….smh.

  3. Just to clarify, Flay worked at Baskin-Robbins when he was 17. Not exactly the "professional cooking experience" that you were supposed to imagine. Like many of the other Food Network celebrity chefs, his resume doesn't stand up to careful examination. He went on later to work making salads at his father's restaurant. He didn't get a serious restaurant job until 1988, and by 2000 he was a Food Network star – also because of family connections. While he certainly is doing fine work these days, that has been the result of intense coaching much later in life.


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