1. I totally agree with Tâm Anh comment but I need tô add that I did not see the amount of butter and looking the video I had tô guess and used 150g of softed unsalted butter.

  2. i know this is an old video but holy shit the focus. who wants to look at this going in and out of focus. head ache inducing.
    but will still use recipe.

  3. Do you use 100g sugar in the flour, then you ad more sugar, then you use additional sugar & water for syrup? So confusing…

  4. I'm going to try this recipe. I'm having a little trouble converting this to US measurements but I'm going to do my best! Hopefully it works out alright 

  5. I love how chef didnt use standing mixer to knead the dough, and of course love the filming and editing of the video. Flawless! I'm a fan now!

  6. I find it really annoying that you've reused the exact same beginning bit for all the videos that use the brioche dough. Would it not have been a better idea to show the basic and then separately shown how you can then use the dough? 


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