1. Love oxtails but they have become too expensive where I live (Toronto).  I like mine with rice and peas, yum-yum.  The ones you bought were very meaty and not fatty so no need to trim them.  Nicely done Barbara…………….

  2. yummy yummy Ms Barbara I love the way you cook i was able to get into my account today you make things seem so easy which you know  I so appreciate

  3. I cook my beans in a crock pot, all night the next morning they are ready and I salt them luckly I have 2 crocks, I will put the the ox tails in crock. love the recipe  diane in MEXICO.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE oxtails, so when you talked about having to scrape the meat off the bone, I was yelling at the screen! "Girl you betta save them bones and suck the rest of the meat off!!!" I used to do that when I cooked big turkey wings for my stuffing. I would set the bones aside and finish cleaning it off! LOL

  5. Hi Mrs. Barbara, Bernice here! It looks delicious!! I love oxtails but no one else eats them in my house. : ( Less to share I guess! : )  And I love listening and watching you make bread. You take such care and you really do enjoy it.  Thanks for sharing this recipe.  And tell your Mom we said THANK YOU too!

  6. These ox tail burgers look divine Barbara. Ox tail is not as expensive here. About $AU14 per kilogram (I think that is aprox 2.2 pounds). I will definitely try this recipe as we love anything that is slowly cooked & melt in the mouth. I recently did a braised beef cheek burger for Don & he loved it so I know he will love this. If you like ox tail, you will like lamb shanks 😀 BTW I agree with Angie about the google hang out. Thank you so much for this recipe.

  7. I don't know if we can get it tails here Barb. I'll have to check it out but wow that looks amazing. I so love that bread. I love watching you make it, it's so calming. Ever though about doing a google hangout to make bread together? Hmm I'd be in that


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