1. Dear Steve, thank you very much for the recipe, i did exactly the same to the meat, however i have just added a bit of garlic powder and rosemary which made it the best burger ever, the sause also was great.
    I recommed you do a video as will on how to save these homemade burger in the freezer and for how long they are valid to use.
    keep up the good work

  2. Yeah Steve that is a nice lookin burger.that roasted red pepper mayo sounds really good..ill have to pick that book up.thanks for the Amazon link

  3. in addition to the scraper you should get a stone to clean the griddle… back in my restaurant days we used a pumice stone and you can find it on Amazon from KegWorks as a grill cleaning brick.  btw… the burger looks AWESOME!!!

  4. Killer burger Steve.  Funny, I bought some lamb yesterday with plans on doing a burger.  Ended up rocking a more traditional cook.  Great job!  Gonna' check out that book.  Always looking for inspiration! 

  5. excellent Burger Steve! It's good to know the weber burger book is good, it seems like everyone put out one! I wasn't thrilled that weber did too, now I'll have to go check out their book. thanks.


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