1. my mom has made something like this before but instead of salmon she used tuna and instead of breadcrumbs she used stuffing that hadn't been cooked. it was amazing

  2. I'm sick and tired of all this hating! So what if she talks really slow? Its better than her talking fast that you can't hear her! And she can talk about her boyfriend if she wants to! What's the difference with Brandi talking about Mr. amazing? And plus, let her be healthy! What's so wrong about being so healthy? I honestly think she is super lucky to be on camera.

  3. Cela semble délicieux. Crois-tu que je puisse réchauffer les boulettes de saumon dans un micro onde. Comme lunch au travail ça m'intéressait beaucoup.

  4. So sick of this gluten free trend. If people actually have a legit problem eating gluten then fine. But everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to relate to each other. Freaking hipsters.

  5. Just finished making theses, they kinda remind me of crab cakes, but they are pretty delicious. I put avocado in my burger and added more lemon into the mixture, also i let the salmon drain for a while and skipped the bread crumbs. A plus :)


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