1. not close, but still looks amazing. I'm going to in n out now, since Greg can't make me one because he's 7k miles away. haha

  2. I had to watch this one, again. That's the way I throw my hamburger into the pan! Bam! That's a thing of beauty, right there! I'm so freakin' hungry! I wish I were a millionaire and you were my chef. Poof…right now!

  3. Greg people are asking how to jam this double stack burger in their mouths.
    Is it time to convert this into a panini press stack? How about a Monster Hollowed out Hoagie bread Panini cooked beef sirloin with salami, ham,cheese , mustard and mayo , shoot even add corned beef, sandwich. I saw one done to feed a family and the guy pressed it in the kitchen with concrete blocks and slabs of stone. Pressed it overnight he did.

  4. it's about time we got some of the old greggo magic back in the vids again – thought you were gunna dislocate your jaw on that one – lol – but u did it mate – nice work.

  5. Looks better than the real thing, and probably would taste better in my opinion. I consider In-n-Out average at best. I don't get what the hype is all about.


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