1. love your burgers my man- there's a place called red hot ranch in chicago that has fabulous burgers- extremely close to in n out which we don't have here. Anyway hello from another burger lover to yourself. Kuma's Korner and Lockdown are two pretty well known burger places in chicago, but Au Cheval and Red Hot Ranch (on Ashland Ave) are my two favorite spots. I'd like to suggest you do the Au Cheval burger- it's really, really good.

  2. When I see the all important toasted bun I often wonder if anyone realizes why so many fast food joints offer them. They're not special in any way. But the secret behind them was revealed to my mother back in the 1950's when she worked at a famous fast food restaurant chain. (It was the one where they had the car hops in brown and orange outfits.) Are you ready for the answer……. It's because you can serve day old buns that are a little stale and nobody will be the wiser. That's right. Toasting takes the stale taste and consistency away and you think you are getting something fresh.

  3. Why the charcoal grill? This could be made indoors on a cast iron grill with no loss of flavor. And much less mess…

  4. Do you ever do these types of videos or thought about doing something like this, but with different versions of pizza? You are a good cook, think that would be awesome.

  5. Subscribed!
    That was a great video and I can't wait to give my weber the same workout.
    I love that you are serious about the audio quality.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. In-And-Out's blandburgers are totally overhyped. Almost anyone can make better ones at home because there's nothing exceptional about IAO's. They're nowhere near as good as the great Los Angeles fatburgers.


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