1. I like her, and this recipe looks dope. Not a vegan but I'd be stoked to get served that burger. I'd take that over MacDonalds any day

  2. this person's voice is oddly soothing. She needs to do podcasts or something. (also the burger looks dynamite)

  3. I'm not a vegan, and there is no way I could be. I have tried it before, and done so for a couple weeks at a time just to see what it would make me feel like, if any different. But honestly besides the moral cause, which is a good cause, I cant do it. I'm a professional chef, have been for 12 years and I used to HAAAAAAAAATE vegans… but I swear, in 12 years of cooking some of the most creative dishes I've ever come up with have been vegan… They are so interesting and actually more of a challenge to cook rather than protein. Anyway, as a non vegan, cool video… thanks

  4. "muh too much salt and oil" I don't see you faggots complaining about Ramsey yet he does the same.

    Anyone know what gender he/she/it/xer/xes/per/fer/etc. identifies as ?

  5. Wow, everyone in the comment section is a fucking CUNT!
    The food is awesome, chef is awesome too. Keep up the good work.

  6. Yeah… you can never escape these boys who like to call people names and make fun of people because there different.. it just makes me laugh.. cause in the end they just look like some dumbass small penis having haters 🖒


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