1. Шикарный бургер, и очень простой рецепт! Video's great- the funny thing is that i was subscribed to Jack's channel and was very surprised then he made беляши – so i end up here! And your english is really nice- i guess you lived in England for a while?

  2. great miss and great channel yes I found your channel from cooking with jack. best of luck I could eat 3 of those right now . yummy.

  3. OMG I am watching this burger and wanting to jump through the computer and eat it!!!! Lol Can't wait to make this in my kitchen 😉 You defiantly have talent girl! Getting a BIG 'like" & sub from me! I have a beauty channel if you could stop by and leave me a like, comment or even (dare I say) a sub lol I would love that!!! Thanks again for the tutorial!

  4. Hey Alla !!! How are ya my Friend !!! Wow what a Burger , you Did Real Goooooood !!! NEXT Level Yummy !!!  Alla  , the Originators (?)  of the Juicy Lucy , Matt's Bar or the 5-8 Club outa South Minneapolis would LOVE your Juicy Lucy Hamburgers !!! They Both Claim it !!!   You did Not just make a Hamburger you Built and Assembled a Wonderful Taste Treat Extravaganza !!! OMG it Looks so Gooooooooooood  … I know this American gives you 2 Thumbs Up !!!  You Rock Alla …


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