1. какая нудная песня ебать не встать насчет готовки если бы у тебя не было бы таких шикарных оборудываний то тебя даже не смотрели бы .

  2. so the difference here is that white people use mayonaisse, while easterners and those who choose, will use yogurt and garlic.
    i never tried this. im not saying anything bad, i will make it some time.

  3. Hello 
    I would like to know the exact recipe for pita bread that you made this video, flour you use and the remaining ingredients 
    it is rather urgent I need to open a food truck in the DOM TOM 
    thank you in advance

  4. As an American, hearing "two kilos of chicken" made me think of some underground chicken distribution system. The man doesn't want us eating all his chicken. DOWN WITH COLONEL SANDERS!


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