1. Scott my friend, I was looking for a great burger recipe tonight, it was NO surprise I found you here from back in 2014, I wish to god you were on the TV with all your recipes and tips. Chris

  2. You're killing me, these look great. Again thank God I am stuffed with home made cabbage and tomato medley. I loved all of this and I am learning so much. Now I wished I became a butcher by trade, in a way I was, doing trauma in a hospital. (That is dark medical humor) Thanks!!

  3. What tool did you use to make those perfect patties? I have tried many but none seem to make a patty with a large enough diameter.

  4. Interesting take. More like hamburger steak well done than a burger medium rare, but looks tasty. Breaks a few rules, but rules were made to be broken. I'll give it a shot. Will definitely watch more.

  5. Take of those rings when you're cooking. The germs that accumulate under them is unbelievable. You ought to know better. The burger could be amazingly delicious but the virus can get you sick a little later.

  6. k… "You get the fuckin…. guns I drive the car ok mate..If you wanna be counting the fingers you avent got….ack you up wif a achet arry… burger!" Thats the name. Of the burger. Fuck you all thats what im calling it when I make it!!

  7. Jamie Oliver sticks his name on a burger like this and they sell it for £10 a pop in Waitroise and it still won't taste as good as this one.

  8. We raise our own pork and lamb and beef on our farm, so I have an unlimited amount of all of these amazing ingredients. After finding your channel, I'm finally excited. Ever hear of something called Hunter bacon?

    Cheers from Mississippi, Scott!

  9. I'm super against using fillers and binders in burger meat and also against seasoning the patties pre cooking, it usually makes the patties almost rubbery because the salt draws the moister out when you do it before, BUT. I will definitely try this because it looks amazing and still delicious.

  10. do you think it would change the product much if the rusk and seasonings were added shortly prior to grilling? I usually grind my burger in bulk, then freeze it and flavor the unseasoned mix prior to cooking depending on the recipe…

  11. One of my fave meats the heart, used to have one every sunday as a supliment with the roast. Your burgers look the part and a good choice of meat cuts, but my personal choice would be to leave out the cheek and add some rabbit..

  12. According to a serius eats experiment and my tries as well, when I putt salt some time before cooking the burgers I get a more rubbery texture burger, but yours are really aerated and loose! How do you do that??
    Thanks anyway.


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