1. I thought ground beef has to be cool thoroughly. Seemed slightly undercook.
    P.S. please don't crucify me, I just heard or read that when cooking ground beef it needs to be cooked longer than other parts of the steak

  2. Some good tips, but don't assume your way is better than everyone else's. I make them pretty much the same way, but not quite as thick. Lol just because I may not always use a sharp knife doesn't mean I'm a loser. Using a serrated knife can be easier to keep onions straight cut. I'm not always looking to cut 15 onion slices with my chefs knife. Plus a little tears aren't going to hurt. I say, man up. Some good tips though and I was happy about how we do everything basically the same way. Good job.

  3. lol at the annotation that says "Burgers Taste Better When You've Killed The Animal Yourself". I bet vegans would go ape shit if you said that in front of their face. lmfao.

  4. Lmfao this guy doesn't know how to make a burger he knows how to say the fucking F word though 1 you don't flip the burger to season it you put the side you seasoned it on down first and season other side while cooking 2 you didn't dimple it lmfaoooo

  5. Jeez, why is there so much hate in the comments section on a video about making cheese burgers? Cheeseburgers are supposed to be a tasty and savory food that can bring people closer together. It doesn't matter how old you are, what ethnicity you are, or even what your ideals are. Anyone can enjoy a good burger.


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