1. Honestly if you are just going to have occasional burger you might as well just go with 80/20. Not saying you can't get a good burger with 90/10 but you run a much higher chance of the burger being dried out.

  2. I really appreciate you uploading this video. There comes a time in each diet, that you really want these types of things. Nice to know that it can be done by swapping to less fattening ingredients once in awhile instead of going without them at all. Thanks Billy!

  3. People pronounce it differently, but these are the most common. Practice makes perfect. Practice saying, "rubber baby buggy bumpers" too. lol


  4. I just found your channel today and it's great. As I am always looking for ways to reduce fat and calories and not lose flavor. I do something similar to this with ground chicken its awsome.

  5. You are so amazing, just found you & support you completely. Praying for you and your family & Thank you for inspiring me.<3

  6. First time I came across your channel and already loving what you got here. Nice way to get my hamburger in once in while without feeling too guilty! Thanks! And cool kitchen tools!


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