1. Thanks Heather for taking the time to explain this in detail, I learned a great deal and that is what keeps me coming back, besides thebeautiful set of eyeballs you are sporting. Pools of love to gaze into and may the lucky guy who wins your heart (if you are single), get lost in them a lot. =)

  2. You must have read my mind. 😉
    I've been meaning to do a different vegan burger. 2 days ago I tried kidney bean burger with spiced you recommended and I added banana (!) to the patty. It was more yummy than I could ever imagine!

    Now I'm looking to see if I could get my hands on some buckwheat. Thanks Heather!!


  3. cor, love it! I bet the parsnips cook down nice and give a nice flavour! Or is it a bit strong? I know if I eat raw parsnip, I don't want much before it gets too strong in my mouth. :O)

  4. check out these protein-packed veggie burgers! I made them while a friend's son was job shadowing this week, and he's very into athletics and healthy eating, so I wanted to show him an easy and fun dish to make for himself 🙂 #vegan #veggieburger


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