1. You guys are some gooooooodddd cooks.  I just found this show tonight and I love it.  Thanks for bringing this good cooking to us.. I'll try this too; and the potato bombs.  

  2. I tried this recipe out. Turned out great. 

    One thing I did different was I used Corn Flakes crumbs instead of Panko. I'll try Panko out next time. 

  3. Few month ago, I bought a weber grill with cast iron grates and all the accessories for cooking, my friend bought a house and I took my staff to cool.

    Tried the indirect cooking and I fucked it up big time, Maybe I should have used more coal.

    Love you guys and keep up the good work!

  4. Just made this sandwich and it is fucking amazing. The only thing I changed was with the left over pankos I put them in the veggies. Give them an even better taste and texture.

  5. It's called 'bbq shoes' by the pitt boys. I also think your on the wrong side of youtube…jay z and chris brown are on the COMPLETELY OTHER SIDE!

  6. BBQ Pitmasters is just another fake reality show, entertaining like Real World was. I watch the comedian Myron Mixon. Kind of like the guy. He's the bad boy the producers need to keep the show going. But, if the show is on TV and up against Family Guy, I'm watching Family Guy. Simple as that.

  7. I've watched BBQ Pitmasters and find it kind of entertaining. I do wish they'd spend more time on recipes and technique than they do on the phony drama and competition stuff, though.

    But I guess the show is about BBQ competitions and not teaching people how to cook.

    If you guys had a show on TV where you gave people grilling or BBQ techniques and recipes I bet it'd do great.


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