1. My kind of patties and burger, my friend! Wow. Deliciousness on a bun, and with those Hatch chilies…stupendous. I am so jealous, can't get them over here. I sure appreciated this fine video you put out!

  2. From the 505 would like to shout out for using New Mexican chile!!!!! New Mexican grown, New Mexican proud, New Mexican Chile is unlike any other!!! – Can you tell we love and have a ton of pride for our Chile?! 😉 Great video!

  3. Damn I wish I was digging into that burger right now Nate.
    I've been cooking all day but everything is for my Christmas eve celebration tomorrow and I'm starving.
    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

  4. Great looking burger Nate! Nice crust on it. You're on all the social media now? I guess I need to figure that stuff out! :)


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