1. He suggested canned peppers instead of Hatch peppers. Lo and behold I ended up finding some canned Hatch green chile at my local grocery store, I also found them at Wal-mart! Gave this burger a try with some canned Hatch peppers, and WOW, this is a killer burger. I'm thinking that these canned "Hatch Diced Green Chilies" are probably nationwide now, and they are amazing, New Mexico's got something real special here.

  2. your burger looks awesome!  try it a sharp cheddar or monterey jack cheese, it compliments the chile better. although what you used is a great alternative.  it did leave me longing for home.  thanks for sharing.

  3. the best thing about new mexico is you can get a green chili cheese burger literally anywhere…you can even get it at mcd's and bk btw nice touch with the queso fresco….que autentica!

  4. I give you one another idea on the bun put a jalapeño mustard that will give you a nice spicy kick. Try my idea with exactly the same burger with adding jalapeño mustard ?

  5. Where did you come up with the flat top on the outdoor grill?  Cool!  One note from this native New Mexican, canned chile doesn't cut it at all!  It has to be Hatch Green Chile or bust!


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