1. Please don't ever press down on your burger while it's on the grill or griddle you just squeezing the juices out but good looking burger 🍔 patties 👍🏾👍🏾

  2. Thank you for the 2nd amendment advert; I'm really glad this best ever burger is made from a meat combination I'll never try. No one is coming to take your f->,% guns. Too bad someone already confiscated your intelligence.

  3. I started traveling to south central Wyoming to hunt Blackhaul Mountain about 8 years ago. Family has been hunting up there forever and my first time uup there i couldn't believe how great the food was. Like you said, we literally eat better up there then we do down at home in Nebraska. Great channel guys!!! Keep doing what you're doing!!!

  4. ANY color of Bell Pepper other than green for MY taste. They just taste too bitter to me until they change color. Other than that, perfect sense to advise to eat WELL when outdoors. A GOOD meal and a cheery fire after a hard day's hunt makes all the pains go away.


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