1. it all looks always good and awesome, my question is what kind and where did u get your shirts, looks profecional, i like it.

  2. Im having my first burger themed bbq. we only used steaks sausages etc all these years.
    Your video was great help for my mental preparations
    keep it up

  3. Your site randomly came up on YouTube suggested channels. I subscribed and am now binge watching, mouth watering. It was not YouTube but God who brought me this channel lol

  4. Hi, Greg, i'm from Latvia and in McDonald's we have this burger called 'Big Tasty'. It's great and all, but only thing about the burger is actually the souce, it's pretty salty, but it has really good smoky flavor, really good stuff! Maybe you can check on the burger and make a video! Keep up the good work, great channel, great recipes!


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