1. Regarding the cracker crumbs, can you crumble your own crackers and use your own choice? I have bacon flavored Ritz that I think would add to the flavors.

  2. I would prefer to cut the onions and parsley smaller. As for the canned salmon, i think it would be better to break it apart before you mix all of the ingredients together. I tried it, and it break apart while cooking, and yes, I did let it sit for the recommended time.

  3. My Grandma constantly made these during my youth. (And the most beautiful chicken with dumplings you can imagine! (Looked like big flowers puffing out of the pot). Damn! I really miss her & those wonderful days… ;~) 

  4. Years ago, when I lived in Ft. Worth, Tex. there was a cafe in one of the dept.stores that served a salmon croquette.  They used a white sauce flavored with lemon over them. Delicious.

  5. I use blue cheese dressing instead of mustard. You can also lightly toast up some white bread then smash it up instead of using crackers. 

  6. Try with Tuna.  I use tuna in oil for at least one of the cans and add the oil.  It adds flavor. I use about 4 small cans of tuna.  You can also mix the tuna and salmon for a less expensive and more flavorful patty and YES Onion patties lol.  too much onion.  I just use tuna, salmon (opp) egg and crackers.

  7. Canned mackerel works well also, it has a slightly stronger fish flavor. I don't worry about the bones, more calcium!


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