1. both burger look good and taste can wait to make it today. one now and the other one for dinner but am making it with grown chicken mmm thanks for share this video god bless

  2. I love making healthy burgers, be it lean beef or turkey, and both are awesome! For each recipe, all I do is mix in an egg white, Worcestershire sauce, and whatever seasonings I feel like using, and cook. Pop some fries in the air fryer, and viola!

  3. You  can actually mix the 93/7 ground beef with the lean turkey at 50/50 of each and you will save a bit of money,calories,cholesterol,while having a burger that still tastes quite a bit like a regular beef burger.

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  7. 600 calories isnt healthy cause that's almost the same thing as having a BK burger which is almost the same amount of calories

  8. dropping your calories as low as 1500 for the average 180lb man would mean that they would be severely lacking in the vitamins and nutrients they need from things like fruit and veg that they wouldnt be able to obtain because there calories per day dont allow it ..
    my advice would be to raise cardio enough so that you can get more fruit and veg and as said before those BMR's are very very inaccurate as all people are different and you cannot get an average figure

  9. I said give or take and i said average. My point is if you have ever dieted (to lose weight), meaning specifically to have a deficit every day to lose at "least" 1 lbs/week = 3500 calories, you would never incorporate a meal that eats up 30% (or higher) of your daily calories. Its much better/efficient to spread it around your days so you wont quit!

  10. Its really great that you guys were able to remove 350 to 400 calories from the original approx 1100 calories, but but the average basil metabolic rate a male has is 1500 (more or less) and for women its even less, so having a burger like that of about 600 calories would kill your day, because you wont be able to eat as many times.

    Why don't you make these burgers smaller so they can be part of you 3-4 meals a day?


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