1. congrats on your new bundle of joy laura shess beautiful!!!! i been following your page made a couple recipes there delicious

  2. I love your videos!, I have seen people put the lettuce at the bottum so it catches or at least stops some of the juices from getting to the bottum bun so the burger gets less soggy :O either ways your food always looks amazing!!

  3. OMG love your recipes and love this! Thank you for being such a great example for us bloggers out there! I am soo happy for your success.

  4. I'll be super tired and then I'll check YouTube and I ALWAYS end up binge watching your videos. I obviously wasn't too tired because I stay up for hours watching videos of food I'll probably never made. Hahaha! 💜 thank you for your videos! 💜

  5. i love you laura but the reason why your buns dont hold together is because you use store bought buns. This always happens to me when i use them thats why i switched to the bakery buns


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