1. Hey if you don't like how he eats then why watch this is his style of eats some love it done don't and if you don't why watch it

  2. reading the comments people keep saying that you can't breathe but I think it's because of your allergies

  3. who else eats their onion rings with ranch and dips their burger in it too? lol I thought I was the only one who dips my burgers in ranch.

  4. Love your channel, just keep being you! You and your family are amazing, I sub to their Chanel's to 😁 you dad doesn't upload anymore though, is he okay?

  5. I really like your videos but I have an honest question.
    Do you have problems breathing through your nose? I feel like you don't breath!
    This is no hate. I just want to know.

  6. So do you always eat like this and make noises and practically gorge your face in real life? Or is this you being extra for a video and views? It's quite disturbing.

  7. Bro you need to eat all your burgers bro thats mukbung people want to see wat you eat and if you eat all of it bro next time bro peace


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