1. yip off. where's the mile high part? looks like a childs meal burger. it's not all that bro. did carls jr. pay you.

  2. Carl's Jr. was a lot better before Hardees bought them. Too bad you couldn't have tried it then. Now they are just Hardees restaurants with the Carl's Jr. logo outside. I'm not saying Hardees is bad, just that Carl's Jr. was better.

  3. Jesus with all that food running through this man one can only imagine his shits. RIP your toilet daym haha fr real

  4. Brother Daym, I think it's time you check out Culver's in the great state of Wisconsin. There you can try their premium style butter burgers, hand-dipped custard and all sorts of great eats. Swing by the Appleton area; I'll hook you up.

  5. bro, go mom and pop. I know you're quitting the fast food game but go diners and drives style. so much better food in the nation.

  6. I have to wonder how many people stop and wonder what your doing or just think your plan crazy. LAL. Great videos though brother, it's great to see foods I wouldn't normally think about trying.


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