1. I really miss the Blue Cheese Buffalo Burger.

    Although at the place I got it, it was hit or miss if you got a good amount of buffalo sauce. Sometimes it was light, sometimes it was doused in it.

    It was like roulette!

  2. +Tasted come one please let me have a cook off against noah please please please he can choose what to make but come on please i promise i wont waste your time

  3. Rolls eyes Yeesh, I don't understand what these people are complaining about, I think this combo looks amazing (I love buffalo sauce and blue cheese as toppings). Also wth, these people sound insanely pathetic and whiny when describing the food.

  4. Normally I like the promo burgers that Carl's has, but I hate Franks Red Hot sauce. The heat is fine, but the vinegar flavor of the sauce is awful. Also, I don't eat blue cheese anything, so I skipped these items.  As far as large fast food chains go, Carl's Jr is better than most of their competitors I'd say In-N-Out and Whataburger would be the closest competition. My favorite Carl's Jr standards are the Double Western the Original Six Dollar, and the Super Star (custom ordered).

  5. 'the blue cheese looks mouldy' …. holds head in hands…..fucking stupid yank…..this cretin obviously does not understand what blue cheese actually is!!!!

  6. Just tried one of these, was absolutely fantastic. I don't know what these fools are talking about.. Are they comparing fast food to fine dinning or something? Its called fast food for a reason.. Its fast, and its food. And for being fast food, this burger and fry was delicious. Now that wendys has stopped serving their pretzel bun burgers, this is going to be my go-to food when I eat fast food.


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