1. You are awesome! I didn't make it 30 seconds before I was dying laughing and had to pause to write this. "You have to be emotionally prepared for this, it's a horror show". It's hard to type what you said because I am still laughing.
    Thank you so much, I really needed some laughing lately. Thx.

  2. thank you for sharing i was looking for recepe since my grandma just give me can of salmon's and I was like so how I'm gonna cook that XD

  3. Best recipe. Bought the can of Salmon cheap, separated the broth, skin and bones as a treat for the cats (they loved it) and made with minimum tweaking. Made three sandwiches which were top notch. Thanks for the simplicity.

  4. love your videos imma cook and like watchin your videos your narrative always cracks me up if i forget a recipe or lookin for some good ideas i look ya up keep cookin n ill keep watching

  5. Your videos are awesome! I'm trying to teach myself to cook, to save money and quit buying junky TV dinners and junk. Thank you for what you do!


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