1. I like your way of "half melting the cheese" then dragging it onto the burger. I'm guessing the cooked patty melts it the rest of the way.

  2. just likes Culver's restaurants, there called butter burgers there also, the crowns of the buns are buttered and toasted.

  3. Hey great video.. You can find the sear searching for Prince Castle 4½" Hamburger Sear Press. These are priceless and nothing else comes close.

  4. The press is called a “sear-tool”. When I was a teenager in the mid-eighties, I worked at McDonald's… I was there for the advent of the “clam-shell” grill, which cooks the burgers from both the top and bottom simultaneously. Prior to the “clam-shell” the patties were placed on the grill, and then the “sear-tool” was run over them to bring them in contact with the grill. With the new grills, the old “sear-tool” was made obsolete, and I grabbed one! Nearly 30 years later, I’m glad I did. 🙂


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