1. Korey, don't diss 5 Guys Burgers – they still grill their burgers. While McDonalds, Burger King and Wendys don't grill – that's that new school of microwaving multiple burger patties in a very questionable plastic container. Quality counts.

  2. to be fair, Five Guys is awesome. I'm pretty sure they got their name, cuz someone actually did kill 5 guys to try and get one of their hamburgers….

  3. What are you in for?
    Broke into 5 guys and made a burger.
    What are you in for?
    I killed 5 guys, we have something in common.

    God damn, best joker I've ever heard lmao

  4. What Corey fails to realize about the Five Guys story is that Five Guys burgers are far greater than McDonland's or Wendy's.

  5. omg I died when he said "pick up danielle & throw her through the window" I mean its not suppose to be funny but I laughed XDDDD I'm terrible.

  6. Hey yo… no need to expose the fast food employees of the U.S I sure hope you guys are never in a position to work at a fast food restaurant to support yourself or more if you have more…..Any way how much do you guys make for a living>???Come on be real be honest>???


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