1. Maybe the dental issue was messing with your taste or they messed up the burger, but the sauce is DEFINITELY not mustard. It's a sweet creamy sauce, closer to thousand island than mustard. Still not a great burger, but that sauce was not correct.

  2. Hey just fyi if you take odorless garlic pills and colloidal silver you can avoid dental issues and eat whatever you want!

  3. Do you really think stacker sauce is mustard-esque? I taste a savory, slightly sweet sauce without any mustard flavor. Interesting, you have made me want to revisit an old favorite of mine. Thank you Reviewbrah.

  4. i remember when they were like a 1.50 back in the day, i ordered two when they were re introduced and bill was like 5.50. yea not doing that again which is a shame cuz i still find them tasty. Meijer gas station hotdogs are my new go to fastfood now.

  5. I had that exact same thing done with my tooth. It was so painful so I went in to get it checked up. They said I needed a root canal. Then a week later I went in for the root canal, and about half way through they decided they needed to seal it up for a bit as there was too much infection so they crammed it full of that temporary filling stuff and told me it might just be better to remove the tooth all together. So they gave me a week to decide to remove it or continue with the root canal. I went with their advice and now I am missing my back molar 🙁 Can only chew on the left side.

    Teeth are dumb.


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