1. This wasn't a fair assessment.
    #1. A price difference of such a small amount puts them equal. The difference needs to be -/+25 before it starts to matter.
    #2. Size. The bacon king actually has thinner patties. So while the burger is larger as a whole, you don't get much more. The condiments make up a good amount of weight.
    #3. Bacon. You didn't even taste the bacon. I'm super OCD, so I literally eat my food in layers. Bacon king uses more bacon on theirs, but it lacks flavour and is a bit soggy. Also, it's half crumbled. The layering done by Wendy's with their higher quality bacon gives a lot more depth to the flavours. Please don't have bacon as a category if you're not actually going to compare them.
    #4. Texture. Burger King has a more dense burger that makes it a little dry, but it's nice and hearty. Wendy's has a softer patty that's thicker and meatier. I don't have much of a preference between those two. Some days I want heartier, and some days I want meatier.
    #5. Bread. The bread is also important. I love sesame seeds, so I tend to lean towards Burger King. But I feel like Wendy's bread has a bit more substance to it. So while I love the fluffiness that is Burger King bread, I have to choose Wendy's with how well that bread goes with the burger.
    #6. Condiments. I have no clue what condiments they use. I order my food plain since I eat my food in layers. That would be gross. Mayo-coated bread. Ugh.

  2. As someone who's worked at both places…the Baconator wins for me by a landslide. Because the Wendy's I was at actually seasoned their meat, and their bacon was a MUCH higher quality than the fatty, paper-thin crap we got at BK.

    Heck, even unseasoned, Wendy's beef tasted better. Everything at BK is low-quality crap.


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