1. This looks amazing! I want to make this, but have it stuffed with the blue cheese crumbles, like a jucy lucy. Cook it sous vide to make sure the blue cheese melts perfectly, then throw it on a flat top to sear it.

  2. Blue cheese sauce would be better since blue cheese has a vary strong smell and tasting cheese. But you are the boss of your buffalo blue burger sauce

  3. you should have out black pepper on the burger, para ver si te sale fuego por el culo cuando uses el baño cabron??????

  4. i work at wingzoe, we have blecheese burgers, and i put buffalo bliss sauce on it with our cajun seasoning as well and it was amazing

  5. Hi there. Enjoy watching your videos. However, I can't help but think that using bison meat for this recipe would not benefit the flavor of the burger as a whole. I think using chicken is much better suited for hot sauce, since chicken usually is just a vessel to carry the spices / sauces it is accompanied with.


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