1. The best cheeseburgers are Europeans, the american burgers are the worst.
    The quality of our meat, bread, veggies and ingredients are unparralled

  2. Made this last night with ground chuck only and even without bacon. The griddle cook, double patty with american cheese , and secret sauce was amazing!! I didn't even follow the secret sauce recipe exactly, but kinda just improvised with what I liked. I will never eat a burger out again!!!! Thanks Chef Brock ! Keep up the awesome work

  3. I've set here and watch about ten videos of Brock and everything he eats of cook is his favorite thing in the world, This man loves his job and when you love what you do you put much more than the next person, this is what set creative chefs from a line cook calling themselves a chef.

  4. "American Cheese"…. could it be more specific please? Its like saying "Lets put french cheese on this thing!" Not like there are like 25.000 sorts of cheese…. but on the other side, what kind of cheese is "square" ?


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