1. Another great video. I've made home-made burgers before, but they involved a lot of prep, including wrapping them in cling-film and leaving them in the fridge for three hours or more, and it was a whole lot of effort for a burger. I tried the smash-burger approach and it was so much easier, and even tastier! I found a nice addition is to crush up a couple of Jacob's Cream Crackers (I don't know if you have these in the US) to a fine powder along with salt and pepper, and mix it into the meat before cooking. You only need a third to half a cracker per burger. I don't remember exactly where I heard about it, but it gives the burger a rich toast-like moreish flavour.

  2. Tried this recipe out last weekend, and it was great. I usually don't care for pineapple, but cooking it up in the butter and adding a splash of sriracha sauce made it absolutely fantastic.

  3. I found a veggie burger recipe, and with it, I made every one of the 4 burger recipes you have made. So from worst to first: I though the basic cheeseburger was just meh, the Hawaiian burger was actually really good, The Traeger burger was just an incredible explosion of ridiculous flavor, and I thought it was the best, but Ron's burger is better.

  4. This is amazing and genius! How did I just discover you now? Have been binging on all your vids! PLEASE do something with "Forrest Gump" inspired coconut shrimp or some weird gourmet burger from "Bob's burger"


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