1. funny that you have the thing with the buns, I think the same way. If you cut it out of one bun you end up with either the top or the bottom being to thin… then it soaks too easily and when you bite in the feeling just isnt right. Its not weird at all ;)

  2. Thank you for the relish recipe much apprecated. My German grandmother made a double decker pork patty burger, which my mother said was she remembered eating and learning to make in the 1950's and i remember from the late 1970's, where the middle layer of bread was made using thick cut white bread and cut with a cookie cutter to shape. But it was fried in bacon fat nice and crispy, I in turn have taught my wife and kids that trick.

    Thanks for all the videos take care and God bless.

  3. I guess "Bob's" Bigboy used relish, Frisch's Big Boy up in Ohio uses their awesome tarter sauce. Never heard of the relish. Have to give it a try

  4. For those of you wondering why this is NOTHING like the Big Boy that you remember, keep in mind that different parts of the country got different burgers with very different sauces. This red relish seems to have been a west coast thing that we'd never seen in the midwest. Ohio Elias Bros. had a sauce that was basically 3/4 C mayo, 1/4 C dill (some folks say sweet) relish, and 1 tsp onion powder. We've been making this for years and it as close to what we remember from the restaurants as any of us can recall.

  5. I fondly remember going to Big Boys in Milwaukee Wisconsin back in the late 60's and early 70's. The burgers were 2 for a dollar back then. However, in the Midwest the sauce was a Thousand Island dressing. Love your videos. Keep up the good work !

  6. Funny story, we used to have a Big Boy here in town that used the red relish…but it closed. I recently went to another Big Boy while traveling and ordered a Big Boy Classic, it showed up with no red relish. When I asked about it, the said "we don't have that, we just put Tartar Sauce on it…needless to say I was disappointed.

  7. looks great, lots of salt though. it only comes with one slice of cheese, the big boy, at least my big boy, comes with two. looks tasty

  8. Made one of these today and it turned out great. I haven't had an OG big boy burger so I don't have anything to go off of but I've always liked the brand / character. I was skeptical about the red relish at first when I tried it but it works extremely well with the burger. I'd like to think there's an alternate universe where Bob's Big Boy beat out McDonalds lol.

  9. Dang Greg I always loved BBB. Shameful they trickled down to only a few restaurants over the decades. You have inspired me to re-create that long time love I enjoyed back in the early 70's when they brough the order to your car in the parking lot and hooked those clamp-on trays to your car door. Great vid and thanks for the idea and inspiration–specially' for the relish sauce. Thumbs up

  10. As someone born in So Cal and currently living in a non-Bob's state, this is awesome! I have tried to describe a Bobs Big Boy to my family for a long time…but now I can show them! Thanks! Well done!


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